What We Believe

The Suwannee Lifestyle is:

Where lazy days are spent on blackwater.

Where it’s a peaceful paradise. With no time device.

Where you go outside to release the outdoorphins.

It’s bootknockin‘ and boondockin’


It’s where your boyfriend says weird things like spot hunting, chasing tail and skinny water.

It’s flip flops and boat docks.

Where You may have 99 problems but a fish ain’t one.

Where it’s fresh or salty & You live Nauti.

& where your bird dog has a fowl mouth


Its where social distancing is camping out

Where you grab the keys to the jeep

And you take it out and play with it

Where you learned the Rurals of Life at a young age

It’s box wine and bonfires


Where no matter what happens, you Keep Calm and Paddle ON

No hurry. No worries.

It is about Celebrating the outdoors

No dress codes. No paved roads.


You may be a Nauti Girl or a Bad Buoy because

You make pour decisions 🍺🍺 at the sand bar

You drink sandwiches from a can

You are often found at the Pier. No pressure.


You’re an old soul. With a young heart.

You are untethered

You live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea and drink the wild air.

You walk in the wild. You wade and you wander.

If your trip outdoors isn't comfy. At least your shirt will be. 

Suwannee Brand Apparel

Home of the Worry-Free Guarantee


We believe in small towns and big ideas.

We believe that every customer deserves our very best. 

We believe in doing exactly what we say.

We believe that low quality products are never a good value.

We believe in giving back your money when something is not right and we can’t fix it.

We believe in people, not policies.

We believe that hiding behind a policy and not listening to the customer will prevent one from doing the right thing.

We believe we all have an inner child that wants to play.

We believe that being outdoors is good for you.

We believe everyone would be happier if we would take things less seriously and played more often.

We believe in being nice, no matter what.

We believe that if you want something done, give it to a busy person & better yet to a woman.

We believe that if you see something beautiful, that you should stop and enjoy it.

We believe that failure is just feedback.

We believe that if you buy something from us and it doesn’t work or fit, even if it’s your fault, you should get your money back.

We believe it's still ok to say yes ma’am, yes sir, please and thank you.

We believe that somethings are out of our control….like weather, people and shipping.

We believe that all problems are figureoutable.

We believe you’ll be happy you chose Suwannee Brand.