What We Believe


Our story began in a little small town in rural North Florida along the banks of the Suwannee River, better known as the middle of nowhere. No traffic, no time clock.
A place where you will find hard working folks that enjoy the outdoors. From hunting and fishing to just enjoying a boat ride viewing Mother Nature's greatest gifts the Suwannee brand ensures you'll find something you like no matter where you reside.


Our products bring together some of the best materials and exclusive designs to create something cool and comfortable. Something the folks that frequent the rural areas would be proud to wear, something that reminds them of who they represent to the world.  Something to comfortably relax in, while enjoying the present moment.


We believe in choosing well and buying less. We believe in owning fewer, quality things and recycling or repurposing where we can. That's why if any of our products ever fail, you can send it back to us and we will send you a replacement then donate the returned item.


We believe in small towns and big ideas.

We believe that every customer deserves our very best. 

We believe in doing exactly what we say.

We believe that low quality products are never a good value.

We believe in giving back your money when something is not right and we can’t fix it.

We believe in people, not policies.

We believe that hiding behind a policy and not listening to the customer will prevent one from doing the right thing.

We believe we all have an inner child that wants to play.

We believe that being outdoors is good for you.

We believe everyone would be happier if we would take things less seriously and played more often.

We believe in being nice, no matter what.

We believe that if you want something done, give it to a busy person & better yet to a woman.

We believe that if you see something beautiful, that you should stop and enjoy it.

We believe that failure is just testing.

We believe that if you buy something from us and it doesn’t work or fit, even if it’s your fault, you should get your money back.

We believe it's still ok to say yes ma’am, yes sir, please and thank you.

We believe that somethings are out of our control….like weather, people and shipping.

We believe that all problems are figureoutable.

We believe you’ll be happy you chose Suwannee Brand.

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